Medium-Term Executive Committee Member, Head of Transformation

Transversal role across functional silos, focused on the “build/transform” as opposed to the “run”, with executive power attached to the role

Functional perimeter typically includes IT, Central Portfolio Management Office, Change Management, Organisation

Typical assignment starts with the transformation of any strategic intent into a clear, detailed strategic roadmap. That roadmap gets translated into a specific transformation program, associated with an IT roadmap (with or without significant IT investments). Strong, centralized monitoring functions are built in parallel (CPMO-like) to ensure final success.

Typical time span of 3 to 5 years

Special Advisor to CEO, Executive Committee on Transformation

Transversal role across functional silos, focused on the “build/transform” as opposed to the “run”, without executive power attached to the role, but with trust-based relationship with CEO / Executive Committee to empower the role

Organizational perimeter minimally includes limited internal staff for leverage (typically CPMO-like).  Functional perimeter is most often limited to one / a few core transformational issues (eg a given core system renewal)

Typical assignement is function of assigned functional perimeter and ex ante diagnostic. In most cases, it will include putting back on track a given transformation roadmap, reganing control of providers, recreating trust among parties

Typical time span from 6 months to 2 years

Board Member

Full-fledged Board Member in full respect of prevailing governance, meeting “fit and proper” requirements if needed

Typical on-boarding includes significant time to fully grasp the issues facing the target company as well as the represented shareholder’s intent, to craft the right course of action as a Board member in full respect of the applicable governance

Beyond contributing to a trust-based, open and meaningful dialogue at Board level, typical ways of getting impact are by being invited by Management to contribute to their strategic thinking process as such and on how to orchestrate transformation

Typical assignment function of specific Board governance on mandates. Given nature of role, a minimum of 3 to 5 years is advised to obtain meaningful impact

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